New Year’s Day 2015



December 20, 2014


The weather is terrible. We are having heaving rains and wind, and there is flooding in the gorge, which Annie will be driving through. She is passing through Utah now and reports snow. I’m a bit anxious for her.


Annie got home that weekend. They drive, they hit snow, I was a wreck until she got here. We didn’t do a formal picture of the day once she arrived–after all the whole point was to counteract her homesickness. We didn’t know at the time that it would go on. Maybe I’ll post a few pictures from the holidays before we get to that.


December 19, 2014


And in December 2014, whooping cough was making a return, sweeping through the area. I got direct exposure at work, and since I had a lingering cough from what I thought (and the experts eventually confirmed) was a cold, I spent the afternoon at a certain nearby clinic getting poked, prodded, and eventually testing clean for diphtheria. There were maybe more striking pics to take in that clinic, but I chose this one because Annie used to climb on that sculpture with her big brother when she was younger.

December 15, 2014 No. 2


This is one of those cases where another photo opp. presented itself after that days picture had been sent. So I sent another. The light was bad, but the context was so Portland. We had Ferguson protesters everywhere. Sometimes you were stock in a small restaurant or shop for 10-15 minutes while waiting for them to all march by so you could get the door open and out onto the sidewalk. We saw Jesse Jackson come to Portland and speak about police brutality in the context of local cases. This Christmas tree lot was behind Jefferson High School, the only high school in the Portland metro area with a higher ratio of black students to all other races. We had a few “us against them” race issues crop up at work as well–a public building–but people were reasonable and willing to talk it out, which was pretty cool. That was Portland in December 2014.

Since the light was bad–the sky opened up and poured rain a few minutes later–I used theĀ  BeFunky photo editing app to add a “fill light” to this photo and up the saturation slightly. I admit, this is one of those times I really wanted my Nikon and some Fuji film…