About: Time and a Place

Anna had been in Colorado for a couple of years after growing up in the Pacific Northwest–specifically the Portland, Oregon metro area. She seemed to have adjusted pretty well to it until one Christmas, when her visit home was delayed.
Annie has always been positive, no matter what comes her way; always able to look on the bright side. So for the first time she seemed really down and homesick.
So I told her I’d send her a “PDX Pic of the Day” every day until she got here. A little piece of home, each day.
So she finally arrived. We had a great holiday, and then she departed for the Rockies again. And I missed her.
So I sent her another picture. It felt good to reach out and connect like that. And then another, and another. After all, it was a picture of the day.
I didn’t know if it was a big deal or anything, until one day when I didn’t send one. Sometime a little before midnight I received a text from Annie: “Where’s my daily pic?!!”
I sent one. Fast.
So every day since, I send a picture. I travel the region a lot for work, so its become “The Northwest Pic of the Day,” although most of them center around the Portland, Oregon area. Sometimes they are pretty good. Sometimes, so-so. You know, some days the light is flat and no good photo ops present themselves. But there still has to be a Pix of the Day. There has to be. That’s the rule.
And yeah, sometimes I can’t make up my mind. Or something awesome shows up after I send the day’s photo. So I send more than one. So much for the rules.
A lot if them are location shots. Often places Annie visited when she lived here. Its reassuring somehow to know that a building or park is still there, even when you are halfway across the country. People have fun looking at those and trying to guess where they were taken. Sometimes they feature people: family, friends, even shopkeepers that might be significant to Annie. Sometimes complete strangers, but they tend to be doing something very… Portlandish. If you’ve lived here, or visited significantly, you probably know what I mean.
Occasionally, you see more of an object of still life. Again, there usually seems to be something… Portland, about it. But if not, remember: that picture was taken right here, in the Northwest. Its a little piece of home.
Anyways, after a while, I was looking at these pictures and realized they told a story. Each one was a tiny moment in time, frozen. But viewed together one by one, they were the flow of time.


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