Massive Explosion Looks Like Nuclear Detonation Captured By A Cell Phone In Donetsk, Ukraine

Cell phone cameras let me see through the eyes of the world.


We’re living in the age where cameras are everywhere.  Camera on cell phones, camera on drones, and camera here and there.  These cameras are not technically only a camera, because these cameras can become camcorders in a touch or a push of a finger.  With this in mind, it’s not so surprisingly to us all that nowadays we’re seeing citizens can actually be on scene much faster than so called news reporters.  Cameras turn the people who are living in the war zones into citizen reporters so readily and easily, because these people can just upload their videos onto YouTube and relative Internet video services at any time.  One good example of how cameras turn citizens into reporters in war zones is the video right after the break.  If I’m not wrong, just recently someone was using his or her cell phone to record the massive explosion that gave off a shockwave for miles away in…

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January 25, 2015


Something that it interesting about this one is that there was a break in it like you sometimes get with a panoramic picture, but it had the best sky. That happens with sunsets– the best shot only lasts for a minute. I used the BeFunky editor’s remove wrinkles tool to smooth it out. You can see a slight shift in the colors at some points, but nothing like it was. I could probably have found some filters in there to work on the color shift, but you know, its a cellphone photo and I wanted to get the photo of the day sent while it was still…that day.

January 24, 2015


Here it is–this is what all that messing around with my camera’s panoramic photo app was all about. I faked a long exposure. You find something that’s moving on its own–like cars or bicyclists or crazy kids on playground equipment. Then you aim, start the panoramic shot–but barely move the camera, instead of panning it. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to move it at all, but my pan app yells at me and doesn’t save the picture if I don’t move the camera a little. So just nudge it a little slllooowwly, holding the pan open though for as long as you normally would. Experiment with what works for your shot, but I found that moving the camera in the same direction that you moving object is going seems to produce the best results. So the only “lab work” on this photo was popping the color a bit and adding a border in BeFunky.